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    10/05/2022 - 21:30
    Italy, Rome
    14/05/2022 - 01:30
    University of Padua

10 – 13 May 2022 | Online event

Promoting Institution: University of Padua (UNIPD), Italy International Research Office


Egill BOCCANERA, Head of the Internationalisation Area, Research, Third Mission and Fund Raising, LUMSA University, Rome, Expert for Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions

Ciro FRANCO, Head of the Research Office, Sapienza Università di Roma, Expert and Vice Chair within Horizon subprogrammes

Antonio OPROMOLLA, Adjunct Professor of Visual and Digital Media Culture and Digital Transformation, Expert for Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions

MSCA Fellows at University of Padua

International Research Office, University of Padua

Application deadline: 31 March 2022 21:00

Contact: mariecurie.marathon@unipd.it

Website: http://www.unipd.it/en/msca-marathon22

Course Overview

MSCA MaRaThoN is an online training course addressed to top candidates who are getting ready to apply for the upcoming Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - Postdoctoral Fellowships (MSCA-PF) 2022 call and intend to indicate the University of Padua as their Host Institution.

The European Commission promotes the MSCA-PF under the Horizon Europe (HEU) Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Such action is a recognized career booster for experienced researchers, who develop innovative ideas through an intense collaboration with their Supervisor at the Host Institution, benefit from periods of mobility and enjoy very fair and favourable working conditions.

If you are a motivated researcher willing to compete for an MSCA-PF with the University of Padua as your working base, do not miss the chance to participate in the MSCA MaRaThoN@Unipd.

We offer you a detailed presentation of MSCA-PF and support you in writing and implementing a successful proposal. Invited experts and experienced MSC evaluators will provide specific advice and useful tips on how to best draft and communicate your project.

MSCA MaRaThoN@University of Padua - How to apply

Please note that the course is delivered on line, in English. The following application conditions apply.


The course is open to 40 participants. There are no age or nationality restrictions.

In order to be admitted to the MSCA MaRaThoN, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Possess a PhD at the MSCA-PF closing date: 14 September 2022

  • Have up to max. 8 years of research experience after PhD (exceptions according to MSCA-PF rules)

  • Comply with the MSCA mobility rule

  • Commit to compete in the forthcoming MSCA-PF 2022 Call for applications, choosing the University of Padua as Host Institution for their project.

Application process

Candidates interested in participating in the MSCA MaRaThoN must fill in the Google Form https://forms.gle/h69LwPfJGHBmbcAP6 and upload the following documents:

  • CV

  • 1 Proposal Summary

  • Letter of acceptance duly signed by a Supervisor and their Head of Department at the University of


  • Researcher’s Declaration of Commitment

  • A copy of valid ID or passport.

Templates are available for download on the MaRaThoN web page:


Applicants will be notified by e-mail on the selection results.

Participation costs

No participation costs are foreseen for selected participants. The course will be held entirely online. A stable

internet connection is needed (internet connection costs are at the participants’ expense).

Selection procedure and results

Selection of participants will be based on their CV and Proposal Summary.

Please note that the letter of acceptance signed by the Supervisor (and their Head of Department) at the

University of Padua is compulsory. No applicants will be admitted to the MSCA MaRaThoN without a local

Supervisor – a list of available supervisors is updated regularly on the course web page.

Selection results will be notified to all applicants by e-mail no later than 29 April 2022.

If you are not funded but receive the MSCA Seal of Excellence...

In case you choose the University of Padua as your Host Institution within the MSCA-PF 2021 Call and your project is not selected for funding, but the European Commission awards you the “Seal of Excellence – MSCActions”, Unipd offers you an alternative funding under the MSCA Seal of Excellence@University of Padua programme. Once the Seal of Excellence is issued, you may apply for a grant of 50,000 Euros per project year (covering an employment contract and a 10,000 Euro budget for research, networking and training activities). The University of Padua has been the first Italian University supporting SoE projects - learn more about our Programme: http://www.unipd.it/en/msca-seal-excellence.



10 MAY

21:30 - 22:00

Welcome to the University of Padua

and to the MSCA MaRaThoN.

Introducing the goals of the MSCA

MaRaThoN and Unipd main initiatives

to support MSCA Fellows

>> International Research Office

22:00 - 01:00

e-Meet the Expert – Excellence,

Implementation and Impact sections.

Template and suggestions

>> Ciro Franco and Egill Boccanera

01:00 - 01:30

From theory to practice: group work

on project proposal

>> Antonio Opramolla

11 MAY

21:00 - 22:00

Interview with the MSCA Fellows

hosted at the University of Padua

Live group workshops

>> MSCA MaRaThoN participants

12 MAY

Live group workshops

>> MSCA MaRaThoN participants

e-Meet your potential Supervisor

>> MSCA MaRaThoN participants

13 MAY

22:00 - 00:30

Evaluators’ feedback to the groups:

final discussion and wrap up

>> Egill Boccanera, Ciro Franco,

Antonio Opromolla

01:00 - 01:30

Goodbye live stream meeting with

the International Research Office