10th Brazil Germany Symposium for Sustainable Development - Call for abstracts and EURAXESS participation (18-20 September 2022)

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The 10th Brazil Germany Symposium for Sustainable Development will occur on 18-20 September 2022 in the City of Niteroi, RJ, Brazil, at the Fluminense Federal University(UFF). The UFF and the Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ together with the  Brasilien-Zentrum of Baden-Württemberg at the University of Tübingen, Germany, are in charge of the Symposium organization.

The following are some themes that the Symposium will highlight:

  • Sustainable Energy: Green Hydrogen, Biofuels, New Batteries, Fuel Cell.
  • Sustainable Agriculture on small and large scale
  • Education for Sustainability
  • Innovation in Health, development of medicines, vaccines, and drugs, low-cost technologies, tropical diseases 
  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainability in the Urban Environment: waste management, public transport

The tenth edition of the Brazilian-German Symposium on Sustainable Development, with the central theme “Connecting innovation and sustainability – opportunities and challenges after Covid-19”, aims to be a platform for inter- and transdisciplinary exchange and debate with a focus on innovation for sustainability, in particular towards the reflections, opportunities and challenges for sustainable development after Covid-19. 

There is a call for abstracts to present at the conference, on the following topics:

  • A- Towards a sustainable future: social, economic, and cultural practices
  • B - Experiencing and mitigating climate emergency
  • C - Re-designing innovation for sustainability, managing resources, and wastes
  • D - Health and sustainability in a post-Covid-19 world

The Symposium is organized by the UFF and UFRJ, with support of the Brazilian Center of Baden-Württemberg at the University of Tübingen. Furthermore, the Symposium is strongly supported by Baden-Württemberg International (bw-i) in Stuttgart and the German Center for Research and Innovation (DWIH) in São Paulo.

EURAXESS Brazil will hold a short presentation on the second day of the symposium (19 September). The full program is available here.

more information about the event here


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