SONATA BIS – for research projects aiming to create a new research team in Poland

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SONATA BIS 12 is call for research projects aiming to create a new research team to conduct basic research. The call is addressed at researchers with a PhD degree conferred within 5 to 12 years prior to the proposal submission year.


Researchers may be awarded funds to cover remuneration for the research team, including scholarships for students and PhD students, purchase or manufacturing of research equipment and for other costs crucial to the research project.

DEADLINE: 15th September 2022


If you are intending to submit a proposal to SONATA BIS 12, you should:

  1. read all call documents included in the call text, in particular:
  2. collect data from the applicant that is required to complete the proposal and find out about the internal procedures that may affect the proposal and project performance (project costs, procedure for acquiring signature(s) of authorised representative(s) of the institution to confirm submission of the proposal); if the proposal is submitted by a group of Polish entities, draw up a Research project cooperation agreement, and
  3. prepare letters of acceptance from publishers confirming that the paper has been accepted for publication (when the scientific achievements section includes papers accepted for publication but not published yet).

Before the proposal is submitted to NCN:

  1. check if all information in and annexes to the proposal are correct. Verification of the proposal for completeness in the OSF submission system by pressing the Sprawdź kompletność [Check completeness] button does not guarantee that information has been entered correctly and that the required annexes have been attached;
  2. make sure that all tabs are completed in the correct language;
  3. disable editing of the final version of the proposal to NCN; and
  4. download the confirmation of proposal submission that needs to be signed by the principal investigator and authorised representative(s) of the host institution.

Once the proposal is completed and all required annexes are attached, use the Wyślij do NCN [Send to NCN] button to submit the proposal to the NCN electronically via the OSF submission system.

For more information on the call, read the SONATA BIS 12 call announcement.



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