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In an increasingly interconnected world, EURAXESS Worldwide offers you the chance to interact on a global scale. It is a networking tool supporting researchers working outside of Europe who wish to connect or stay connected with Europe. Through networking, researchers can strengthen European research and scientific cooperation with the world.

Whether you want to know more about European research policy as well as mobility, funding or further collaboration opportunities, EURAXESS Worldwide has dedicated teams in the following countries and regions ready to assist you: ASEAN (focus on Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam), Australia and New Zealand, Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC, focus on Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Colombia), China, India, Japan, Korea and North America (US and Canada).

EURAXESS Mentoring programme

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Mentoring Programme "Shape the Future of a Researcher Coming to Europe"

This Mentoring programme aims to encourage and to facilitate the transnational mobility, by fostering cooperation between the researchers from the European Research Area (ERA) and the EURAXESS Worldwide countries. In the framework of this programme, experienced researchers will have the unique opportunity to mentor early-stage researchers and support their integration and career development from the international mobility perspective.

Learn more about the mentoring programme HERE


EURAXESS worldwide and erc webinar series

Euraxess WW and ERC webinar series

Applying for an ERC Grant: Perspectives from Grantees and Evaluators

The European Research Council (ERC) in cooperation with EURAXESS Worldwide are organising these nine one-hour webinars, from 16 November to 16 December, targeting researchers from different regions and countries around the world. ERC grantees and evaluators will advice on how to apply to an ERC grant to potential applicants based outside Europe.

Register or watch the webinar recordings.


EURAXESS worldwide asked researchers

Covid-19 survey results for researchers

COVID-19 Researchers Survey results - November 2020

The survey addressed among other the current situation and needs of international researchers, their perception of international mobility in the new context, factors influencing their motivation and capability to participate in international mobility as well as their preferences and the support and conditions which they need.

In total, the survey has triggered 1262 responses, of which 1224 were included in this analysis.

Download the full survey report HERE (1.29 MB)

HERE (1.29 MB)




What's in it for you

Whether you are a researcher, a recruiter or a funder—EURAXESS Worldwide has something for you!


Regardless of where you are in your career, field of research, age or nationality, becoming a member of the EURAXESS Worldwide Community gives you the following advantages (amongst others):

  • Tailored information on jobs and funding at your fingertips
  • Email alerts about events and breaking news directly to your inbox
  • The chance to connect with fellow research professionals

Recruiters & Funders:

Publicise your funding, mobility schemes and job opportunities through:

  • Exclusive access to a global pool of highly qualified talent
  • Working together with our dedicated country representatives to help define and contact specific target groups.


European research day

The EURAXESS Worldwide flagship event

The European Research Day (ERD) is a EURAXESS Worldwide event held in many EURAXESS target countries catering to the specific needs of each community. European Research Days have different formats, ranging from information events presenting mobility opportunities in the European Research Area, effective proposal writing workshops to networking platforms for experience exchange.

Stay tuned for the events in your region!



EURAXESS Worldwide in numbers

  • Currently, over 40,700 researchers and multipliers are regularly informed by the EURAXESS Worldwide initiative.
  • Since 2013, EURAXESS Worldwide has:
    • Organised over 215 events with 22,800 registrants and/or participants.
    • Visited over 200 cities in 24 countries.
    • Published over 300 newsletters in all EURAXESS Worldwide target countries.
    • Collected more than 28,500 likes and followers via social media (incl. LinkedIn: join our global EURAXESS Worldwide group! ).



European R&I Framework Programme and Policies

With a long-standing tradition of excellence in research and innovation, Europe has the biggest research funding programme in the world. Through its dedication to research excellence, Europe remains a leading actor in global cutting edge research. Its outward-looking research policies enable Europe to maintain strategic international connections with global research partners. EURAXESS Worldwide is an important part of this research fabric and we look forward to continued international collaboration.