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    Natural sciences
    Established Researcher (R3) (Researchers who have developed a level of independence)
    Leading Researcher (R4) (Researchers leading their research area or field)

RESEARCH FIELD: Live Cell Imaging, Technology Development, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Life Sciences.

Valitacell is an Irish biotechnology company focused on the development of innovative solutions within the biopharmaceutical and cell therapy manufacturing space. Biologics are precision medicines that are manufactured in living cells, which is a complex, costly and time-consuming process resulting in high manufacturing costs and a lengthy route to market. Valitacell’s intelligent analytical technologies enable data driven decisions which will have a transformative impact on the industries’ processes, to improve manufacturing productivity, reduce the overall cost of goods and ultimately accelerate the manufacture of these life-saving medicines.

In addition, Valitacell have recently initiated a programme of research to develop novel analytical technologies to support the cell manufacturing industry in the commercialisation of cellular therapeutics.

Valitacell have been awarded the H2020 Coordination & Support Action (INNOSUP-02-2019-2020) to facilitate the hiring of a European SME ‘Innovation Associate’, a highly-skilled experienced researcher in the Life Sciences or Engineering sectors. The associate will play a critical role in the advancement of Valitacell technologies, as we work to integrate our disruptive platform technologies (Quantum & ChemStress) into diverse manufacturing systems in combination with live cell imaging applications. The Innovation Associate will work with an interdisciplinary team of cell biologists, product development specialists, cell imaging and automation collaborators. They will be tasked with providing technical support and expertise in live cell imaging and life sciences instrumentation across multiple projects in mammalian cell biology, from cell line development in the production of biologics, to stem cell manufacturing for cell therapy.

The IA’s main objectives will be to support Valitacell to;

(a) Develop and refine an advanced integrated imaging & analytic technology platform for the CLD industry and (b) Define Valitacell’s technological and innovation needs for the development of integrated imaging & analytic methods for the stem cell manufacturing industry.

During the project the IA will be tasked with;

- Developing and managing the project innovation strategy, in line with Valitacell objectives and business strategy,

- Identifying the optimal specifications for the development of integrated platforms across CLD and Cell manufacturing systems,

- Provide technical support in the development of an integrated platform prototype,

- Provide technical support in the implementation of the platform prototype in company trials,

- Develop literature/protocols for the optimal use of the prototype,

- Identify the optimal manufacturing specifications for the platform and

- Designing research projects to develop integrated imaging & analytic methods for the stem cell manufacturing industry.


The IA will work in a cross-disciplinary team of product development scientists, product managers, sales and marketing, Industrial and Academic collaborators. This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced researcher to engage with the biotechnology industry and drive the development of innovative technology solutions. They will become part of a fast-growing biotechnology company, working in a high energy environment at the forefront of technology development in Ireland.


It is essential that the IA have the following experience, skills and abilities;

- Experienced researcher with a PhD in Life Sciences or Engineering,

- Specialist knowledge of Live cell imaging systems,

- Life Sciences instrumentation and automation experience is ideal.

- Innovative and able to find pragmatic solutions to problems,

- Strong project management skills,

- Excellent communication skills, and the ability to work in a team,

- Desire to develop business and commercial knowledge.


This is a call for expressions of interest in this position, a full time one-year employment contract, for experienced researchers (R3-R4) from outside of Ireland. 


- Gross salary of €64,000

- Relocation costs up to €2,000

- Business & Innovation management training 


To apply for this position, please send your CV & cover letter to Valitacell at (info@vaitacell.com).


For more information on the INNOSUP-02-2019-2020 call details, please visit the European Commission website. For informal enquiries about this post, please contact Valitacell at (info@vaitacell.com)


Further information about Valitacell can be found at http://www.valitacell.com/

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