Take part in the “Science for policy ecosystems” survey

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How to better understand science for policy eco-systems across Europe, building a community of involved professionals and facilitating capacity building projects?

The European Commission's Joint Research Centre has launched a survey aiming at obtaining an impression of the strengths and weaknesses of national organisations bridging science and policymaking as per the views from scientists, policymakers and other practitioners.

Originally launched in January 2021, the survey has already collected over 500 responses, but there is still a chance to have a say before its closure in January 2022.

If you are a researcher/policymaker from across Member States, dedicate 5-7 minutes to answer these questions and help us obtain a better picture of ecosystems and their challenges so as to provide more tailored advice and support to national and sub-national science for policy organisations.

These results are really useful to inform our ongoing project on strengthening and connecting science for policy ecosystems in Europe: your collaboration is utterly beneficial!

Click here: EUSurvey - Survey (europa.eu)