HRS4R Experts day 2021

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This virtual HRS4R Experts Day addresses the HRS4R experts community, including both newcomers and experienced members.

The day will be articulated in two sessions:


  1. Morning session - Newcomers training

    this session will be entirely dedicated to the training of newcomers. This training will not automatically include you in the HRS4R assessors roster but is a requirement for becoming an HRS4R assessor and being entitled to perform assessments in the frame of HRS4R.

  2. Afternoon session - Plenary session:

this session will take the form of a plenary session dedicated to a roundtable and general discussion for the experts. The roundtable discussion will be an opportunity for the HRS4R assessors to share their experiences and provide feedback and recommendations for future development of the C&C and HRS4R.


Morning session recording available here

Afternoon session recording available here